No residency program, transformational goal, competency level, or biblical/theological principle can guarantee a successful church plant, much less substitute for God’s powerful work in human history and in the human heart regardless of our feeble efforts.

Yet just as the Apostle Paul discipled and trained Timothy and Titus, modern church planters know that there are patterns, best practices, and considerable wisdom that can and should be shared with those who would seek to plant or grow Christ’s Church.

The LHCN Church Planting Residency is an attempt to fuse the theological commitment to church growth with a transformative educational model and practical application in a relatively “safe” context.

This fusion will combine stages in a timeline (above) with transformational goals (head, heart, and hands), as well as a competency level (crawl, walk, run) and a basic biblical or theological principle (calling, ownership, and leadership).

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