Our Purpose

We’re better and stronger together!

Simply, the cause of the Network is to multiply. We equip healthy church planters to train new church planters. We encourage churches to start new churches. And we empower both pastors and churches to become healthy and multiplying by unifying our efforts and resources.

We provide a church planters residency to equip new planters to start healthy churches,

We strengthen local network churches and support them as they multiply by starting new churches,

And we stretch network churches to support and encourage each other to multiply even further.

There are two ways a church can connect with the Lifehouse Network - as a Partner or Network Church.



Network Churches either started through the Lifehouse Network or want to experience the same level of relationship and commitment to the network as a new church plant. A Network Church may, but does not have to, be governed by another Network Church that serve(d/s) as their “mother church” during their launch process. Network Churches are committed to supporting the leadership of the Network and regularly contribute financially by investing 5% of their regular non-designated giving into the Network.



Partner Churches must be self-governed and have agreed to join the Lifehouse Church Network after they started. They want to be part of this family of churches, support and resource the vision to start and strengthen thriving churches to multiply. Partner Churches invest 2% of their non-designated giving into the Network and invest into church planting beyond the Network through their own church planting efforts.



  • Join a family of churches that share life together and genuinely care about each other.
  • Join a network that is doing more together than one church can do alone.
  • Join in the shared global efforts of helping start, strengthen, and stretch thriving churches to multiply.
  • Join in learning from each other and challenging each other to grow better and stronger.