I AM (Sermon Series Package)

I AM (Sermon Series Package)


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Sermon Series Overview 

In the 4th century BC, Plato taught, “Know thyself!” and these words still challenge us today. So, what do you see when you look at you? How would you define… you? Maybe the better question, “What defines you?  Simply fill in the blank, “I am _____.” In a world full of people suffering with an identity crisis, this is clearly a serious matter that is both life shaping and eternity impacting. Am I my job or position? Am I my paycheck or net worth, my clothes, my car, my education or lack thereof? Am I my past or my future? Am I what I appear to be on social media, or what I’m told I am by the media? Am I the likes, shares, and comments found on my posts? Am I my favorite moments or my most repressed memories? Well, not only are we not always what we appear to be, often we are not even who we think we are. We are complex. We are good and bad. We are full of pain and pleasure, hope and despair, and at times we can’t accurately explain ourselves to others. If each of us were honest and vulnerable, there are aspects of our identity and character that are the opposite of who we want to be or should be. So how do we overcome our own identity and self-image to become someone we haven’t yet been able to become, even through our most valiant efforts? If we are unable or even unwilling to truly change ourselves, how could any outside source change us? BUT GOD… sees everything and more powerfully, knows everything. We are fully known by God. He not only knows us, but has the power and ability to transform us, if we are willing to allow Him. However, the change is not a what or how, but Who. The change God works in us is not based on who we are or even who we are capable of becoming. Our potential is possible because of Who we are willing to invite into our life.  God, revealed through Jesus, fills our life by His Spirit entering our spirit. He is our transformation when He becomes our identity. He is the “I Am!” When we are in darkness, He says, “I Am Light.” When we are lost, He declares, “I Am Your Good Shepherd.” When we have no way to get through our crisis, He invites, “I Am the Door.” How do you need to invite the “I Am” to change your “I am __” to a new “I am __?”