Locked In (Series Package)

Locked In (Series Package)


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Sermon Series Overview 

What in your life is worth fighting for? Not just standing up for yourself, but an against-all-odds, no-matter-what-the-cost kind of fight. If we have nothing to fight for, to keep us focused, then we’re bound to wander. Our relationships, career, values, and purpose are aimless. We’re lost. We set off with bold ambition to higher heights and greater summits only to lose our way and find ourselves drifting. We struggle and work determined to get somewhere, but the harder we try, the further it seems we are from where we want to be.  Exhausted, frustrated, and hopeless, we cry out for help, for purpose, for love, for God. In life, we have a choice. We can either live lost or Locked In to a life of purpose. While both options can require much of our energy and     repeatedly leave us drained, the one is worth the sacrifice. Living lost is frenetic energy while living Locked In is focused energy. When we’re lost, we keep falling; but when we’re Locked In, we keep fighting. Does your life – your relationships, finances, career, family, and faith – have purpose and a sense of direction, and if so, are you Locked In? Not just committed or dreaming, but fighting with focus for what is worth living and even dying for. Imagine if you could start 2017 Locked In with a clear sense of             purpose in every aspect of your life using every ounce of energy to             accomplish that purpose. Imagine if you were driven with such                 determination that you wouldn’t quit even when you wanted to                because you knew that your end goal was worth it. Well, this is your opportunity. It won’t be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. It will require focus and follow-through. It will require your fight. Being “Locked In” isn’t wishful thinking. It’s a steadfast, laser-like focus that drives you every day to live and do what matters most. And when you lose your way, being “Locked In” will serve like a lighthouse showing you the way back home.