For Our City (Series Package)

For Our City (Series Package)


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Sermon Series Overview 

As Jesus-followers and the church united as one, we are putting action to our words and deeds to our creeds. We are for the most vulnerable and overlooked. We are called to leverage our strength to lift up the weak. We must use our voice to speak for those without one. And we must defend the defenseless. Jesus has called his followers and His church to share and show His love with those far away from God, to be the light in darkness, to rebuild what is broken, and restore what has long been destroyed. We are to be faithful workers to bring back hope and life and light to our city. We are to care for the weak, offer liberty to those in addicted captivity, to offer comfort to those in suffering, and a message of salvation to those facing ruin.

We are called to join God in being people and a church that is for our city! We are the only way that people will see that the church is not against them or our city. We must be the most selfless love they ever experience, the boldest and most hopeful message they ever hear, and the most life changing relationships they have.

While we must not stick our head in the proverbial sand and pretend that problems don’t exist, we must not only talk about them.  This is a call to actively unite in joining God in the transformation of our communities and cities. This is a challenge to follow Jesus as He leads us by His Spirit in becoming agents of change active hope, love, and healing FOR OUR CITY.