Yes, Really. (Series Package)

Yes, Really. (Series Package)


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The modern “Information Age” barrages us with daily information overload. Television, radio, computers, and even the smartphones in our own pockets perpetually hurl headlines and opinions at us. Commercials from countless corporations attempt to convince us that their products will improve our lives.  Politicians on every side of the aisle spin the same events in different ways to advance their own political causes. In this world where fact, fiction, “fake news”, and “alternative facts” constantly swirl around us, it is hard to know who or what to trust. As a result, most of our culture turns to relativism: in the absence of trustworthy guides, we trust only what we can observe with our own senses, and truth becomes whatever we personally conclude it is. Then the Bible enters the fray, claiming to be the definitive truth and calling itself the Word of God, making bold claims about the origins of the universe, the world, humanity, ancient history, our purpose, love, eternal destiny, and salvation. It opens with the statement, “In the beginning, God created…” and concludes with prophecies about how the world as we know it will end. And to top it all off, it calls for us to believe. Moreover, it asks us to believe without seeing. But why should we? If religion and faith in God are so important and so eternally consequential, why would we have to take Him by faith? How can we know He is trustworthy? Amidst the voices of so many scientists and skeptics, as well as both religious and irreligious people who say the Bible is nothing more than man-made myths and obsolete fairy tales, we may wonder if the Bible can be trusted. But in it, God asks us to do that very thing, calling us to turn and trust in Him. While we are still far from Him, He draws us near. And in His Word, we can learn that He is trustworthy and wants to lead us into His truth—not to manipulate or control us with arbitrary truth claims, but to bless us.