Don't Shoot The Messenger (Sermon Series Package)

Don't Shoot The Messenger (Sermon Series Package)


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No one wants to hear bad news, uncomfortable truths, or confronting ideas. We want to hear good news, comforting words, and ideology-reinforcing information. Once we’ve built our worldview, we would absolutely love it if no one ever opposed or challenged it. So, in order to protect, we make every effort to put a laser-focus limit on the select few people we will actually open our minds and ears to hear from. As kids, few of us wanted to eat a wide variety of vegetables or even relatively well-balanced meals. Rather, we knew the “good stuff” that we really enjoyed, and if we had it our way, would have been perfectly all right having only these “highlight” options every night for dinner. But thankfully, most parents have enough foresight to see the importance of a rounded and well-balanced diet. We all learn eventually that our bodies receive the full range of nutrition they need when they are provided with a wide variety of nutritional sources and food groups. And most likely, our parent “forced” us to venture out into trying new foods we were initially opposed to. And probably... we’re thankful for it today. But now we’re the adults. And there is a whole new world with a thousand different forms of media and information outlets in which we get to make our own “taste” choices once again. We live in a world filled with complex algorithms and digital filters. We can choose what we want to see, hear, and read. In the consumer-driven digital age, online companies “feed” us the information we want based on our likes. Even our online searches are tailored to our preferences based on our past searches, purchases, and clicks. As a result, nearly everything we see online is personalized to our preferences based on what we like, want, and choose to see, hear, and read.