The Effects (Series Package)

The Effects (Series Package)


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One small seed can grow into an orchard, and a pebble can disrupt the tranquility of an entire lake. The infinitely small spreads, grows, and multiplies unseen with lasting, vast, and significant impact through both natural and supernatural effects.

In an attempt to predict weather patterns, meteorologist Edward Lorenz discovered that seemingly inconsequential amounts of wind could radically change weather outcome predictions. He had set up his computer model to round off measurements that he believed were too minuet to have any effect on the weather. One day, he mistakenly forgot to round off those fractions, and the next day, as the weather program ran, he realized that by including those supposedly meaningless amounts of wind into the predictive equations, it had a dramatic effect on the outcomes. This became known as the “Butterfly Effect.” It implies that a puff of wind as strong as that produced by the flap of a butterfly’s wing could stir a hurricane on the other side of the planet. But beyond weather, the Butterfly Effect has been applied to any seemingly insignificant and unnoticeable act that has a dramatic impact on outcomes, even many years later.

Elemental laws and principles govern the natural and physical world as well as the spiritual and metaphysical world. Just as there are observable phenomena in the natural, there are observable effects in the supernatural.

Scientists, psychologists, and researchers driven by curiosity seek to understand and explain these effects. But since the spiritual realm is invisible, we often not only overlook but also completely miss the divine phenomena and laws that guide us.