I Never Said That (Series Package)

I Never Said That (Series Package)


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Sermon Series Overview 

We love to offer support, sympathy, and advice. And when we don’t know what to say, we quote others who said it better than we ever could. So, what is the best source for words of comfort and encouragement? The Bible, of course and more specifically, Jesus. And why not? 69% of Americans say they not only believe in Jesus, but also have a personal relationship with Him. While 35% say they read Scripture at least weekly, 80% of Americans say that they pray to Jesus regularly.

Here are some examples: Want to motivate someone to work hard? “God helps those who help themselves.” Feeling overwhelmed? “The Bible says God won’t give you more than you can handle,” which is meant to mean, “Cheer up. You’ll get through this!” If someone is telling others the right or wrong way to live, “Don’t judge me.” Struggling with guilt or questioning whether you should indulge in a passion? “God just wants you to be happy.” It certainly sounds right, and who wouldn’t want you to be happy?

But what if the advice or comfort we’re offering is not true? What if it’s bad advice? What if Jesus never said that? His teaching was and still is counter-cultural. So counter-cultural, in fact, that many twist His words to match their desires and wishes. They quote Jesus as saying what they wanted Him to say rather than what He actually said. Then when these false quotes or misquotes are repeated often enough, they are believed as true. They pervert Jesus’ teachings into a false religion and Jesus into the messiah of their own making.

In a post-fact world, we are often speaking fast and loose with quotes, rarely checking to see if they are accurate or in context. As a result, many people not only believe Jesus made statements He never said, but they also believe significant lies about who Jesus was and is. This is not only confusing, but also dangerous. In actuality, these myths and misquotes will actually keep us from fully knowing Jesus and living the life He invited us to live.